Heavy Duty High Quality Solid Brass 4″ Twist Nozzle Sprayer with 2 Extra Washers


  • Multiple Stream Sprayer Features: What you use the sprayer for will change.  This high quality solid brass sprayer allows adjustments from centered powerful spray to mists of various sizes.  This will work well for hard core mud and dirt removal from your car and concrete to mists for your rose flowers.
  • Easy to Use: Unlike multi-pattern nozzles where you have to press on a handle for proper operation, this nozzle can be controlled by a simple twist action and holds it there until to change.  Simply dial to your desired water flow and relax.
  • Long Lasting:  Build of two piece sold brass, this nozzle will work in all weathers from hold arid desert to cold wet winter temperatures.  This will last you for years and with proper care probably a lifetime.
  • We stand behind our product: If you are not satisfied with our product, we will work to make sure that we address your concerns.  You are covered by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Alpha Home Products’ 4″ Sold brass nozzle will last you a lifetime. Unlike other hoses which break after a season or less, we guarantee that our product will work same everytime you use it.  Multiple spray patterns and flow volume are at your fingertips.  You can twist the barrel to adjust the water flow/pattern from a fine cone-shaped spray to a single strong center power stream.

Our sprayer will last from drops to stepping on it.  Our nozzle is easy on the hands and can be easily turned with the comfort of the slotted grip.  No trigger sweezing to hurt your hands or hold the water flow.  You can twist it from full water flow to shut-off position.


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