Highest Efficiency Hydroponic LED Grow Light – 12W


  • LEDit® Grow lights are Ideal for indoor gardening and hydroponic plant growth including fruits, vegetables and herbs. Tri-band targeted spectrum of wavelength (440 nm and 660 nm) promoting ideal photosynthesis with optimal heat dissipation. These wavelengths (spectrum) are ideal for high chlorophyII A and B production.
  • State of the art 12 Low Power consumption LEDs. There are 9 Red LEDs which boost growth of buds, flowers and fruits as well as 3 Blue LEDs which allow for a more fuller, taller and leafy plants.
  • LEDit® LED Grow lights are designed to fit the standard E27 socket. These are made with high quality professional Metal to efficiently dissipate heat and stay cool increasing the life of the LEDs and the bulb.
  • 12 Month Warranty + another 6 months with Registration.

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LEDit® LED Plant Grow Lights ensure that your plants grow and florish in any indoor gardening and hydroponics environment. The lights provide appropriate light quantity and brightness ensuring optimal environment for plant growth and maximum yield. LEDit® LED grow lights are used to grow many fruits and vegetables and are being used in many indoor grow environments. Our LED grow lights provide high levels of energy efficient, which is 25-80% less energy than standard lighting systems. Our LEDs last up to 10 times as long as compact flourescent lamps, saving you money by less frequent changes as well as through energy cost savings. LEDit® LED grow lights product less heat and more light reducing your need of expensive and convoluted cooling systems.


  • Outer shell material is metal and white plastic.
  • Ribbed design with shaped vents allows great air flow for colling, thus extending life of the LEDs and the bulb.
  • Use for indoor planting of vegetables, flowers, green leafy plants and herbs.
  • Standard E27 connection allows easy intallation.
  • 1 Year Warranty + Another 6 months with product registration.


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